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Shengrui Transmissionis headquartered in Weifang (National) High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Shandong Province. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, a national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise, and a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise. It has the national engineering technology research center for the automatic transmission of the passenger car and the national enterprise technology center.

Shengrui group has many branches including shengrui automatic transmission, shengrui diesel engine parts, shengrui international trade, and shengrui new energy electric drive company. Shengrui is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of automotive automatic transmission, and diesel engine parts .

The company has fully grasped the forward R & D capabilities of automatic transmissions and formed a complete innovation chain from concept design, simulation analysis, hardware design, software development and matching calibration to industrialization, and has the ability to continue to innovate internationally leading automatic transmission technology . The world's first self-developed front-drive 8-speed automatic transmission (8AT) has filled the domestic gap and has been put on the market in batches. It has formed an annual production capacity of 600,000 units and won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the National Quality Award for Excellence, single champion product in the manufacturing industry. At present, it has been upgraded to three generations of products, forming a series of product platforms such as front-front drive 8AT, hybrid 8HT, high-efficiency compact 8AT, vertical rear-drive 8AT, and vertical hybrid 8HT. Developed into a domestic leading automotive automatic transmission R & D and manufacturing base.

Company has years of experience in diesel engine spare parts manufacturing, and master the various models of diesel engine parts research and development, manufacturing, machinery processing, metal forming, cold pressing, hot rolling, welding, heat treatment, and a variety of processing methods. 9 series of diesel engine parts like connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, flywheel, housing, water pump, exhaust pipe, the block,and small and medium-sized parts was completely upgraded. we reached a stable cooperation relationship with the world's top ten enterprices such as Weichai, Cummins, Fiat, and become specialized, refined, strong domestic leading enterprise in diesel engine parts with brand and corporate influencesignificantly enhanced .

The company attaches great importance to independent innovation and R & D platform construction. Relying on two national R & D platforms, it has set up R & D sub-centers in Germany, the United States, Beijing, and Qingdao, forming a "three countries and five places" R & D layout, established Shandong Industrial Design Center. Our key laboratory of Shandong AT automatic transmission andvehicle automatic transmission engineering laboratory of Shandong Province   have successively undertaken more than 90 national and provincial projects. The 8AT patent has won the China Patent Gold Award. The AT assembly technology standard is the first batch of the 8 leaders in corporate standards in Shandong Province.

We shengrui always adhere to build one hundred enterprise development strategy, adhering to the core values of being an upright person before conducting business, and seeking perfection without contentment.Make the "customer-oriented, striver oriented, sustainable management" as the purpose,  "pour various wisdom into the shengruimotivation, and benefit the public and the world" as the vision of development, "make the world greener, make travel more smooth, to provide the best quality products and services for the community" as the mission, we will vigorously integrate world resources, continue to innovate and develop, and gradually improve our core competitiveness. We will strive to build ourselves into a world-class r&d and manufacturing base for auto automatic transmission and diesel engine parts, and become a well-known brand with international influence.