Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd. headquarter locates inHigh-tech Zone,Weifang.Shandong Province. inHigh-tech Zone,Weifang.Shandong Province, National technology innovation demonstration enterprises, Pioneer Enterprise of China Internal-combustion Engine Component Industry, the Top Ten Enterprises of China Heavy-duty Diesel Engine Manufacture, which owns National Passenger Car Automatic Transmission Engineering Technology Research Centre and National Certified Enterprise Technology Centre. Shengrui affiliates the Number One Factory, Equipment Intelligentialize Application Centre, Shengrui Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd, the Number Two Factory, Shengrui Intelligence Metal Molding Centre, Shandong Shengrui Import and Export Corporation. Shengrui mainly engages in R&D and manufacture of automobile automatic transmission and engine components.

Shengrui completely masters positive research and development abilities of automatic transmission, has built up complete innovation chain from conception design to simulated analysis, hardware design, software exploiting and matching calibration and industrialization, which has international frontier automatic transmission¡¯s persistent innovation capacity. Shengrui¡¯s independently research and developing the world first front-engine front-wheel-drive layout 8 gears automatic transmission(8AT) has filled in the domestic blank, and massively launched market, which has 250000 sets annual manufacture capacity, and it was awarded National Science and Technology Progress First Prize 2016. Recently, 8AT has been upgraded to second-generation product of more high-efficiency, more smooth, more reliable, more silent, platformization and modularization, established serialization production platform which contains two-wheel driving 8AT, four-wheel driving 8AT, stat-stop 8AT, hybrid-power automatic transmission and 13AT, it has developed to be a domestic leading automobile automatic transmission research and development intelligent manufacture base.

Shengrui highly attaches importance to construction of independent innovation and research and development platform, rely on two national technology centres, built up research and development branches centres successively in German, US, Beijing, Qingdao, research and development overall arrangement of ¡°three countries and five sites¡± was formed; Shengrui has established Shandong Province Industrial Design Centre, Shandong Province Automatic Transmission Key Technology Enterprise Key Laboratory and Shandong Province Vehicle Automatic Transmission Engineering Laboratory, successively undertook more than 90 national and provincial level projects, furthermore, 8AT patent has been awarded China Patent Golden Prize, Shengrui AT assembly standard is the one of first batch enterprises standards leaders.

Shengrui always insists on making development strategy of hundred enterprise, which adhering to the core values of ¡°o be a better man,then to work.Pursuit excellence and never stop

¡±, and development vision is ¡°Collecting all wisdom to the transmission , providing convenience to the customers travelling in the world ¡°To bring more green to the world,to make more convenient for public¡¯s outgoing,and to provide  best  products & service to  the society

¡±, Shengrui strongly integrates world resources, continually innovating for development, improving core competitiveness gradually, has built up ¡°Two Parks and Two centres¡± of synergy development strategy framework which contains Automatic Transmission Industry Park, Engine Components Industry Park, American Trade Logistics Centre, Qingdao Research and development.