Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd Held 2017 í░Celebrating National Dayí▒ Cultural Performance.

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29th September evening, Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd 2017 í░Celebrating National Dayí▒ Culture Performance which the theme is í░Celebrating the 19th National Congress of CPC, stay true to the mission and go with the Party, Spend National Day together, unite and forge ahead and crate resplendence í▒ was held in 8AT Culture Plaza. Chairman Liu Xiangwu, relative leaders of Shandong Institute of Industrial Technicians and Shengruií»s leaders group attended the party. Staff of Shengrui and resident enterprises and í░Shengrui Classí▒ students of Shandong Institute of Industrial Technicians these more than 1500 participants attended the party. 


This party began with grand and bright opening dance í░Sheng Shi Huang Geí▒. Female solo í░Bless the motherlandí▒, guitar played and sang í░Chengtuí▒, male and female duet í░At the momentí▒ and San ju ban í░No.1 Factory miení▒ and other programs were marvellous, whole performance upsurge happened frequently, audiences applauded passionately for performers.

At 20:00, with the chorus of whole staff of Shengrui, performance came to a conclusion. With the graceful music, everybody stood up in order to bless motherland and Shengrui.