Shandong Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress Liu Jiayi inspected Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd.

date£º2017-9-12 11:09:20 visits£º

On 15th August afternoon, Shandong secretary of the provincial Party Committee and director of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress Liu Jiayi, Shandong Standing Committee of Provincial Committee and secretary-general Hu Wenrong, Weifang municipal Party committee secretary and director of the Weifang standing committee of the municipal people's congress Liu Shuguang inspected Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd. Chairman of Shengrui Liu Xiangwu and other leaders accompanied.


Liu Jiayi and other leaders firstly visited 8AT exhibition hall, chairman Liu Xiangwu introduced enterprise new and old kinetic energy conversion situation. Shengrui deeply carry out Shandong province No.11 congress of party representatives spirits, accelerated new and old kinetic energy conversion, accelerated enterprise transformation and upgrading. Comparing with new kinetic energy and old kinetic energy, Shengrui per-capita production value had been enhance greatly, energy consumption had been descended greatly, these let Shengrui become the beneficiary of new and old kinetic energy conversion. Liu Jiayi suggested that enterprise is the main body of innovation, innovation is the driving of new and old kinetic energy conversion and the catalyzer of shifting from traditional industry and sunrise industries.


Near the 8AT prototype machine and prototype car which equipped with 8AT, Liu Jiayi learned about 8AT¡¯s market development, vehicle matching, R&D of new products, component parts supply and R&D team fostering situation. Liu Jiayi expressed affirmation to 8AT series new production, and gave Height evaluation to Shengrui strategy thinking which regards 8AT as basic, regards energy saving as direction, based on innovation driving new and old kinetic energy conversion and seize development commanding elevation. And he hoped Shengrui R&D team continue releasing innovation energy, accelerate R&D progress, and provide more environmental protection, more green, higher quality products.


Later, Liu Jiayi and other leaders walked into 8AT production workshop. Chairman Liu Xiangwu introduced that 8AT produce line had been transformed and promoted, it had 250,000 annual output capacity, in 2017 we plan to produce 85,000 sets 8AT, in order to satisfied listing demand of multiple cars models. Liu Jiayi gave high affirmation to Shengrui 8AT produce line¡¯s intelligent level, strict quality management and products offline detection. He hoped Shengrui accelerate market development, let 8AT series production can match more passenger cars, develop Shandong intelligent producing pass impeded whole world.


Liu Jiayi stressed that Shengrui should speed up development, legal operation and development, technological lead, aim at world class, make national brand successfully. In the same time, Shengrui should give full play to unique advantages of automatic transmission leading enterprise, for leading development of whole Shandong province automatic transmission, contributing for Shandong province old and new kinetic energy conversion.