Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd Hosted the Academician Colloquium Who Had Entered Company at Least 10 Years

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Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd hosted the academician colloquium who has entered company at least 10 years in 8AT¡¯s hobby. Chairman Liu Xiangwu hosted this colloquium and made a significant speech, more than 50 academicians who had entered at least 10 years attended this colloquium. 


During the colloquium, representatives of academician talked about their experiences and realizations of 10 years¡¯ work. 


Chairman of the Shengrui¡¯s board, Liu Xiangwu made a significant speech, he communicated with participants through two sides:


1. 10 appraisements for the academician who has entered company at least 10 years.


You are the participants, witnesses, dedicators of Shengrui¡¯s development.

You are the man who are walking ahead, improving and propagating Shengrui¡¯s culture.

You are the participants and executors of Shengrui¡¯s strategic planning.

You are the builders of Shengrui¡¯s brand building.

You are the executors of Shengrui¡¯s SAP, ERP implementing and driving.

You are the managers of building and improving Shengrui¡¯s system and process.

You are the innovators of Shengrui¡¯s old and new kinetic energy shifting.

You are the leaders of Shengrui¡¯s new technology, new craftsmanship and new production development.

You are the dreamers of Shengrui¡¯s dream.

You are the inheritors of hundred-year Shengrui.


2. Correct positioning of 10-year in-service academicians in the next 10 years.


The experience belong to past, it doesn¡¯t have any guiding value for the next 10 years, but only the usage value.

It is normality for challenging, surpassing and innovation.

Chase the future, learn new things and reinvent thinking method is the only pass to grow to humanity£»

Learn new knowledge, new technology, new method, new mode is the only way.

You should have senses of urgency, pressure, time, survive, self-confident. 

Shengrui¡¯s next 10 years will be filled with challenging, evolution, alternation, dream-fulfilling, resplendence.

Chairman Liu Xiangwu stressed that all of these academicians are leaders of the next 10 years, they must support heavy responsibility. It is important how they regard and treat the next 10 years development, they need to exploit thinking method, improve state, leading their department and staff around them, research, struggle and strive together for Shengrui¡¯s next 10 years.