Shengrui Chairman Liu Xiangwu Participate Shandong Kind Lushang Set Up Conference and Make a Speech

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On 5th July, Shandong Province Kind Lushang Promotion Association Inaugural Conference and first members representatives conference were held in Shandong Tower. The first members of Kind Lushang Promotion Association include Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd and other 110 enterprises which are on the list of ¡°Kind Lushang¡± brand imagination. Shengrui¡¯s chairman Liu Xiangwu attended conference and made a speech, more than 100 enterprises representatives and relative staff attend conference.


Conference discussed and passed ¡°Shandong Province Kind Lushang Promotion Association Constitution¡± , ¡°Conference Election Measures¡± and other systems. Conference voted first council representatives of Shandong Province Kind Lushang Promotion Association, and voted leading organization of this council. Then they held unveiling ceremony, member representatives and council representatives made speeches. President of council made a speech.


Chairman of Shengrui Liu Xiangwu as a member representative made a speech. He pointed out that undertaking Kind Lushang activities had grand realistic meaning, establishing of Lushang Promotion Association was necessary and in time. As Lushang group, they should promote and develop the Qilu culture, create Lushang brand. These had significant meaning to inherit and promote excellent culture, improve core competitive power of enterprises, promote strengthening the province through economy and culture construction.


Combining with enterprises facts, Chairman Liu Xiangwu share three experiences to participants of conference.


1. Kind Lushang need innovation responsibility.

Innovation has been the tendency of the day, undertaking can have breakthrough behavior. As King Lushang¡¯s brand enterprise, we should insist on innovation actuation, carry on green development and honest and law-abiding management, should make a leading effects in shifting economy development ways and improving economy income.


2. Kind Lushang should be people oriented.

Humanistic harmony management is core and main idea of Kind Lushang, we took ¡°To be a man, then to work¡± idea, guide employees to be honest, stabilize in every task. We will improve Sense of identity, proud and happiness of employees with our hundredfold efforts.

3. Kind Lushang should create enterprises brand images.

We should regard Kind Lushang which is Shandong whole enterprises brand image as a core, establish multilevel enterprises culture brand cluster. We should vigorously carry forward Lushang spirit, improve enterprise spiritual quality, improve Lushang brand influence power, accelerate Shandong Province new and old kinetic energy conversion with the help of Kind Lushang Promotion Association platform.


On 6th July, 2017 Shandong Province ¡°Kind Lushang¡± brand image list release ceremony was held in Shandong Radio and Television Station. Chairman Liu Xiangwu attended enterprise red carpet show, and he pressed the button with other 4 enterprises representatives, activated together 2017 Shandong Province brand image list release ceremony.

Shandong Province ¡°Kind Lushang¡±brand image list released on 6th July, in first batch there are 110 enterprises on the list. Kind Lushang based on honest, and regards humanistic as the core, regards responsibility as obligation, regards brand as support, there four points supplement each other and promotion. In recent years, Shengrui always insist on honest and law-abiding management, humanistic harmonious management, fulfill social responsibility, innovating enterprise culture and obtained outstanding achievements, and became first batch ¡°Kind Lushang¡± brand image list enterprise. After becoming enterprise on the list, after authorization enterprises can gratuitous use ¡°Kind Lushang¡± brand in the image propaganda process, enterprises which are selected in the Kind Lushang brand image list three years in succession can obtain homologous incentive policy supporting.