Liu Shuguang, the Weifang Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, visit Shengrui.

date£º2017-7-31 14:07:33 visits£º

On 2nd July afternoon, Liu Shuguang and Chu Baojie, Weifang standing committee of municipal committee & Minister of propaganda and High-tec Zone secretary of party committee visit Shengrui. Liu Xiangwu, the chairman and representatives of Automatic Transmission Supporting Industrial Park enterprises,  together with relative staff accompany them.


Liu Shuguang visit 8AT intelligent automatization warehousing logistics and under building key components intelligent workshops.


In front of vehicles equipped with 8AT arranged in row, Liu Shuguang stopped by and go around  many times, and listen to the instrution from Wang Shuhan - the general manager automatic transmission, very carefully. Recently, 8AT achieved matching with Jiangling Landwind, Lifan Automobile, Beijing Automobile Yinxiang, Zotye Automobile and other 7 Vehicle factories¡¯ 14 types passenger cars. In the same time, sectional types of cars were upgraded from tension rod type to electronic knob shifting method through 8AT electronic control. Liu Shuguang gladly said that Shengrui should enhance new market development, accelerate matching of new car types, let more and more Weifang customers can drive passenger cars equipped with Shengrui 8AT.



Then Liu Shuguang and other leaders walked into Automatic Transmission Supporting Industrial Park, and Visit Wuxi Lintex, Hangzhou Sanpu¡¯s workshops and complex building. Scientific and reasonable park planning, square-built flat asphalt road, atmospheric and beautiful office building, wide clean producing lines, efficient and modern stereo garages attracted every visiting leader. Liu Xiangwu introduced that construction of industrial park for automatic transmission built with low power consumption, safety, environmental protection, attracted first class enterprises such as Wuxi Lintex and Hangzhou Sanpu. In the same time, Shengrui aims to provide the best work and live environment for enterprises and employees in the park to improve workers¡¯ senses of identity, proud of Shengrui and happiness.


Liu Shuguang pointed out that Automatic Transmission Supporting Industrial Park program combined with innovation Weifang can represent Weifang images. Shengrui as the leading enterprise of Weifang should do better than before, keep on business invitation, accelerating promoting the construction of Automatic Transmission Supporting Industrial Park, improving the bearing capacity of ¡°Drawing Investors with Sound Infrastructure¡±, in order to attract more famous enterprises invest in Weifang, continue to make and consummate automatic transmission industry chain, making huge contributions for Weifang social economy development.